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Mani Monday: pink leopard print

Hi guys! So I was having a chilled out Sunday today and I thought I’d do my nails and post a little how-to for you all! 

Today I have gone for pink leopard print 

First pick the colour scheme you want. Generally I go for a lighter base colour and a darker one for the leopard print. I also have a black nail pen for detail.

Apply a clear base coat and, once it’s dry, apply a your base colour. Add a couple of coats to get a decent coverage.  I have chosen a pale pink from Rimmel called 203 ‘Lose Your Lingerie’. Another favourite pale pink of mine is the Essie ‘Fiji’.

Take your darker colour and apply on top of your base in small blobs. It doesn’t matter what shape or size they are really because true leopard print has varied shapes within it – you can’t go wrong basically! The colour I’ve gone with below is Barry M ‘Grapefruit’.

Once that part of the process is completely dry, take a black nail pen and roughly outline the print. You don’t want to completely outline all the way around, just a little line on each side for example (see picture below).

You can also add little dots and lines in between the print. Again, you don’t want this to look perfect – leopard print is beautiful because of its randomness in my opinion!

Here is another pink version using Barry M ‘Dragon’ as a base instead, and a glittery top coat on the leopard print nail.

You could literally use any colours you like, it’s so easy to do and I think it’s a really fun design to wear. I hope you enjoyed this little how-to, and I’m in process of doing some more nail how-to’s, so if there are any particular requests just leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

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