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Mani Monday: the gradient French tip

Hello everybody! I was so excited to test this new french manicure look out for Mani Monday on the blog today. I only heard about this recently, but I absolutely LOVED it and just had to try it out. This is basically a mix between the classic french manicure and the gradient nail art craze.

For this look you will need a clear base/top coat, a nude or similar colour nail polish; a white or cream nail varnish and a little beauty sponge. If you don’t already own any of these miniature sponges you can grab a big pack of them from most drug stores or even places like Primark for like £1!

After applying a base coat and letting that dry, apply a few coats of a natural nail polish that you would use as a french manicure base colour. Here I am using Barry M ‘Nude’ which is a really beautiful colour and looks best with a good few coats on so the final effect is more opaque.

Then wait for the nude base colour to dry completely – seriously, don’t be impatient here, otherwise the next step will completely ruin the work you’ve just done!

The next step is to take a little beauty sponge and paint a thick stripe of the nude base colour you just used and then a stripe of the white nail polish next to it, letting the two colours bleed into each other a little.

Then take the painted sponge and roll it across your nail with the white stripe on the top the nail. Keep rolling it and even apply more nail polish to the sponge to get a stronger colour finish.

You’ll notice that the more you let your painted sponge stripes merge, the more subtle your colour gradient will be (which I personally like). Otherwise you will have a more distinct change in colour which will be a bit blocky. This can look fab, too, it just depends on what you want your overall finish to be!

You’ll definitely need to clean up the skin around your nail as it can get rather messy! You can get a cotton bud with some nail varnish remover on and gently rub the skin around the nail to remove any varnish. Or you can use one of those liquid nail tapes, which is basically like nail varnish you paint onto your skin around your nail and peel off afterwards and it takes any excess nail varnish with it. I ordered some from eBay and I’m still waiting for it to arrive! I’m sure it will be a life saver when it comes to nail art.

A little thing I like to do is apply my clear top coat before my nails are completely dry at the end – this will merge your two colours even more, so if there are any speckly bits from the sponge application or any blocky lines you want to erase, this will do the trick.

I hope you enjoyed this nail tutorial! I personally love this look as I have always been a big fan of the classic french manicure and this is just a little modern twist on it that I am really enjoying.

If you have any Mani Monday requests do let me know in the comments – I’m getting into a routine of posting them most weeks when I’m inspired so I’d really like to try some new things.

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