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Hey everyone! My posts have been few and far between the last month as I was going through my volunteering application process, so apologies for this! I thought I would update you all on what I’ve been loving recently, including beauty products, fashion and a couple of miscellaneous things thrown into the mix. Enjoy!


L’Oreal liquid lipstick

This was a total impulse buy – something one should never really do, especially with lipsticks – but luckily I completely fell in love with it! I bought it on new year’s eve, as I wanted to have a nice red lip that would last all night. In hindsight this was a bit stupid because I already have several different red lipsticks that look great and a couple that really do last quite well. However, this is a different formation than the other ones I own and I can’t stop wearing this one. I’m not the biggest fan of the applicator as I don’t find it as precise as others I’ve tried, but it has a beautiful finish and I love the colour.

Time delay serum


I’ve never really used a serum before, however since I’ve hit my twenties, my skin is starting to age a little – only a little as I’m still young! – but I can see a difference from a few years ago. I am a massive smiler and my face is extremely expressive, so naturally I am going to get wrinkles as I get older. This is cool, however if I can delay it a little and keep my skin looking vibrant and healthy then that’s great!

My lovely friend Lauren loves her makeup and skincare as much as I do and we always have in-depth discussions about what we’ve tried and what we are currently using. She recommended the Time Delay range to me as she swears by it, and currently I really am loving the serum I bought. I have definitely noticed that the lines around my eyes are less noticeable and it makes my skin feel really soft. It is supposed to make your pores look smaller too which I personally haven’t really noticed so much, however this wasn’t a concern of mine so I’m not bothered by this, as I only wanted to reduce the fine lines I was getting.

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation


For years I was using a foundation that I didn’t really love but looked alright. I was in search of a new one to fall in love with last year and I found it in the No7 Airbrush Away foundation. I still absolutely swear by this if you like dewy skin, as I do. However I still like to find other ones to try and play around with as it’s nice to sometimes switch it up and use different foundations.
I’d heard great things about the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation so I bought some with my weekly Tesco shop and instantly loved it! It feels really fresh and definitely has that dewy finish that I can’t get enough of. It’s a tiiiiiny bit heavier than the No7 Airbrush Away, but seriously only slightly. It doesn’t feel cakey or heavy when it is on at all, as this is a huge no-no for me, but glides on beautifully and lasts all day.

Maybelline Lash Sensation mascara


I wanted to find a cheaper mascara, as I usually use Benefit Rollerlash or They’re Real and as I’m trying to save a little money where I can at the moment, I thought I should try and find a cheap alternative.

I’d never tried this one before, but SO many beauty bloggers rave about it so I had to give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised when I did my first coat. The difference in my lashes was instant. I find that most mascaras make my lashes look long as my lashes are pretty long naturally but they’re blonde at the ends so they look short with no mascara on. The main thing I need from a mascara is volume, and mine looked instantly thicker with the Lash Sensation. I had to be careful not to put too much on because the more coats I did they started to look clumpy and spider-like which I HATE. I’m just so used to having to layer up mascaras to get volume and it’s just not necessary with this baby! I’ve been wearing it everyday and love it – haven’t had any panda eyes either which is always good!




You may have seen these bad boys in my sale haul post in January. I’ve been wearing them so much it’s a bit ridiculous. I will decide my outfit around them because I love them so much. They’re only from Primark so they were cheap and cheerful and I am concerned that for that reason they won’t be lasting all that long unfortunately, so I shall love them for as long as they last!



I am the Queen of stripes. We have a joke at work because in our team there is usually one of us in stripes most days as we all love them so much! Shirts look so good in different situations – work, chilling out at home, or out for coffee. They can be worn with jeans, leggings or tucked into skirts. Who doesn’t love that?! I’ve also got a striped dress, pencil skirt, all-in-one body and a couple of tops! Oh dear…the obsession is real.

Yellow suede mini skirt


I have been loving this trend over Winter. Mustard is a great splash of colour during the colder more miserable months and this skirt is another staple that can be worn at any time of day and look completely fabulous. I’ve had a lot of compliments on it, too.


Music: Wolf Alice – Freazy

I have not stopped playing this song over the past few weeks. I got the My Love is Cool album for Christmas as it had been on my wishlist since it came out in the summer, and this is my favourite song. The album is really great – I discovered Wolf Alice on the radio last year and then went home and googled them – something I don’t often do as I tend to prefer older music rather than what’s current and popular. I’m really happy I discovered this album and this song has defined the beginning of this year for me!

Food: Alpro desserts


As I’ve been trying to be healthier this year and help the environment a little, I’ve been trying to discover new sweet treats that don’t contain too much crap that harms my body and the world also. My friend Ruth brought these into work and said how yummy they were so I had to give them a try. They are made with soya instead of dairy, so there isn’t any animal products in them.

The dark chocolate ones are so delicious and are my favourite, however they are slightly naughtier as they have a bit more sugar in than some of the others (interesting, as I thought dark chocolate would have been better for me…).

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