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ICS Week 11: Tying up loose ends

Howfar everyone? (Pidgin English for hey, how are you doing?) It’s our last real week in Ikorodu! This week was a lot of finishing off bits and pieces, such as reports, visiting Inclusive Neighbourhood Spaces and ticking the last boxes off our lists.

We began the week with our last social! Emem and I invited the team to our house and Emem cooked her famous curried stew for everyone. This is definitely a firm favourite of mine and I will miss it so much when I leave Nigeria!

It was a tad cramped in our little apartment though!

We went to visit another one of the spaces during the week, to make observations and make sure the work is sustainable and that it’s safe and inclusive for the children and youths.

We had to get a bus there as it was a bit of a journey, which is always an interesting – and often nerve-wracking – experience!

The space was great and there were a lot of children of different ages there to learn, make friends and have fun. I took a few nice photos, and my friend Batool took one of myself and fellow volunteer Helen, which I loved so much!

We also had another Women’s Rights and Health awareness event that we delivered in Ikorodu Central. This went really well and the women responded positively to it which was encouraging.

We stayed out at the football pitch doing a fun photo shoot with my camera until the sun began to set and we had to get home for curfew.

A child protection demonstration

Team Ikorodu and a few of the local CCSVs


Later on in the week, between writing reports and getting prepared to leave the community we also prepared for and delivered two Sex Education training sessions for teenagers in Majidun. This was incredibly challenging for two reasons. Firstly there were twice the number of young people that we expected so we had to separate them into two rooms and deliver the session twice! Secondly a lot of them were quite excited and therefore acting silly and were being a bit disruptive – definitely something we were expecting with such a difficult subject to be discussing.

The events went really well in the end (even if we did begin an hour late and finish nearly 2 hours later than we originally thought!), and we all felt like we had done a really good job with such an awkward topic.

This week I also celebrated my host mother’s birthday! Emem and I bought her a bottle of alcohol-free bubbly and some cake as a surprise. She made jollof rice (party rice!) and we had such a lovely evening, chatting and having a laugh. I will really miss her a lot.

With the cycle beginning to come to an end this week, I really began to get excited to go home. As much fun as I’ve had here in Ikorodu and as much worthwhile work we’ve done here, I have been dying to eat cheese and chocolate and cuddle my niece and nephew.

Only one week to go ahhhhh!

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