A day in Portmeirion

I recently spent a girls weekend in Wales with two of my favourite people. I drove us from our home near Brighton to Snowdonia on the Friday afternoon (I know, I’m a masochist for driving all that way on a Friday of all days), and we spent Saturday daytime climbing Mount Snowdon and Saturday evening drinking prosecco to celebrate. As we were driving back home on the Sunday, we wanted to spend that morning and part of the afternoon doing something nice for our last day in Wales.

Someone had recommended a place called Portmeirion to us. I’d never heard of it but once I mentioned it to a few people, the general response was “ohhh isn’t that the place where The Prisoner was set?” The answer is yes, it is the very same place, however that didn’t mean a whole lot to me considering I’d never seen the TV show.

As it was in the general direction we would be driving home we thought we would give it a visit.

All I can say is, wow.

Portmeirion is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. It’s like nowhere else I’ve ever been in the UK as it was designed to look like an Italian village, and built around the nature that was already there. We were lucky that it also happened to be brilliant sunshine and blue skies, which made the experience even more amazing. You could have told me I was in a holiday destination somewhere around the Mediterranian and I would have believed you. It was genuinely stunning.

We took a little train up to the viewing point where you can see the whole village, the beach and the hills and mountains in the distance. There are also some really cute little places to eat and shop. No one lives there any longer apparently, but you can stay there for a holiday and they have spa facilities and a private pool area which looks so good – definitely a romantic anniversary destination!

If you’re ever going to North Wales, I would thoroughly recommend a visit. It was £12 for one adult, which sounds a bit pricey, but it’s completely worth it if it’s a beautiful day. You can eat, walk long the bay and catch some sun and just have a lovely relaxing day.

The photos I took give a much better description of the beauty of Portmeirion than I ever could, however, it’s not until you see it in person that you’ll really understand just how gorgeous it is!

Carrie x

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4 thoughts on “A day in Portmeirion

  1. Really good post and some amazing pics, I remember Portmerion as being the location of the Prisoner I am not a number I am a free man LOL. Luckily only remember from re runs.

  2. I’ve wanted to visit this place for ages! Every photo I see of Portmeirion is absolutely beautiful, and yours are no different! North Wales isn’t even that far from me here in Liverpool – I’ll definitely have to visit before I move south!

    Soph x |

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