Bell sleeves

Bell sleeves are one of my favourite trends this spring. I think they add extra femininity and “wow” factor to an outfit. The other day I was wearing my new favourite lace bell sleeve top from Zara, underneath a simple nude blazer and met a friend for coffee. Whilst in the queue to choose what coffee and cake we wanted, I took off my blazer and my friend’s immediate response was, “oh my goodness, wow! Who knew you were hiding that underneath your blazer!” I love that a seemingly simple and possibly uninteresting outfit can suddenly become really striking and stunning with bell sleeves!

My favourite ways to wear bell sleeves:

Keep it simple

This is a good idea if you’re a bit nervous to try out this particular spring trend. Pick a plain colour and wear it with some jeans and a pair of nice flats for a simple but pretty everyday outfit. Bell sleeves also come in various different lengths and sizes, so you could have a very understand bell sleeve or a dramatic one depending on how adventurous you are feeling!

Mix it with another great trend

Bell sleeves + lace = OMG

The one that I am wearing in the above photo is from Zara and is possibly the most gorgeous piece of clothing I own. It’s so feminine and pretty I can’t get enough of it! Paired with jeans it is one of my favourite outfits that I’ve ever put together.

I’ve also got a short bell sleeve lace top in pale pink from Primark that I’ve been loving recently. I have a pale pink cami top that I like to layer underneath.

Keep accessories minimal

You don’t want to take too much focus away from the beautiful statement that bell sleeves can make. I prefer wearing more delicate jewellery and a fairly plain bag, especially if the top is patterned.

Top Tip:

be very careful when wearing bell sleeves out for dinner. 100% of the times I have done so I have leaned across the table to get salt and pepper and found myself dragging my sleeves in my food…not cool.


Carrie x

14 thoughts on “Bell sleeves

  1. Your comment on not wearing bell sleeves out to dinner really did make me laugh out loud and adding what your friend had said when you took off your jacket has really made me want to try out this style of sleeve!!

    Ps your photos are so cute and quirky – please keep taking them! Xo

  2. Loved this piece and you’ve really got me wanting to add that ‘wow factor’ to my own wardrobe with this style sleeeve – especially after hearing how your friend had found your outfit after you removed your jacket!

  3. I absolutely love bell sleeves! It’s so nice that they can be so versatile for day and night time! I see what you mean by keeping accessories minimal too. Fab post 🙂

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