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Breakfast Club

Going out for breakfast is one of my favourite things to do. I feel like it’s more of an American pastime which has made its way over to the UK, because in recent years everyone seems to do this but I never remember people doing it years ago (apart from a hungover fry up at the student union!)

I thought I would share my top favourite places to go for breakfast in Worthing, as this is my hometown and, therefore, the place where I have most of my breakfast outings!

The Orchard Cafe

This is my number one place for breakfast, EVER. It’s veggie and vegan friendly, and does all the breakfast things you could ever want – pancakes, full English breakfast, pretty much anything you want on toast and then different kinds of porridge.

My favourite thing to order is the breakfast pancakes, but I substitute the bacon for veggie sausages instead and it’s INSANE. And it’s less than a fiver!

They do milkshakes as well as really good coffee. I could rave about this place all day long! My friend, Amy, introduced me to it and I feel like I am forever in her debt now…

vegetarian pancake breakfast The Orchard Cafe


The Bluebird Cafe

This is on the beach in Ferring, and has a lot of outside seating, making it ideal for people having a stroll with their dogs. They do all of the eggs (Benedict, Florentine etc.) and the Full English plates. They also offer vegetarian versions and gluten-free options. The veggie Full English is a delight!

Vegetarian full English breakfast Bluebird Cafe Ferring beach

The Perch

This opened a year or two ago and sits on Lancing beach with windows out to the sea. They do really tasty pancakes with fruit and syrup which are so tasty. They don’t have that big a menu for breakfast, but they do two types of pancakes and the full English-type items. The veggie selection isn’t as refined as The Orchard Cafe, but it’s delicious nonetheless. Plus the decor and the views out to the sea are wonderful.

pancake breakfast and coffee at The Perch Lancing beach

Honourable mention goes to…

I couldn’t end this blog post without a sorrowful mention of my all-time favourite place for breakfast, which has, tragically, now closed.

pancakes Woodies Diner Brighton Hove beach

Woodies Diner. This was based in Hove, so not actually in Worthing, but this used to be my favourite place to go for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert…even just a milkshake! They did the most unreal pancakes and milkshakes and it will forever hold a place in my heart!

Carrie x



7 thoughts on “Breakfast Club

  1. These places look amazing, making my mouth water, yes lots of places seem to have American style pancakes these days, but they are so good, can’t beat trying them in New York like we did in March, with Maple Syrup and Butter, the butter makes it, but I don’t really know why though.

  2. The Vintage Tea Room at The Dome Cinema does an excellent breakfast and on a sunny day you can sit outside and watch the world go by.

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