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French bread and old friends // Nice, France

I just spent a relaxing week in the South of France with some of my oldest friends in the world. We always get together every Christmas and during the summer, as many of them are teachers and get the holidays off work. During a particularly tipsy Christmas Eve get together, we decided to go on a group holiday like we used to back when we were 17/18, but with the intention of being slightly more mature and dignified (!), we decided to book an Air BnB in Nice, France.

I am so glad we decided to go here. I used to go to France every year as a child and I hadn’t been in about 12 years, so it was lovely to see the country again, especially the south which I haven’t spent much time in.

What a view…

We rented an Air BnB not far from Nice airport, which was a bit outside of the main town of Nice. As it was situated fairly high up within the hills we had a pretty brilliant view from our outside decking area, which had a dining table and a hot tub. This made for some some spectacular evenings eating, drinking and just hanging out.

The only frustrating thing was that it was a little far out from places to go and things to do, so this meant getting transport to places or walking a LOT. Luckily Nice has Uber, so travelling around was a bit cheaper than it could have been. We all got in some good exercise, too!

In hindsight it may have been worth hiring a car for the week, however the roads around where we were staying were incredibly windy, with lots of blind corners, and parking would have been a bit of a nightmare. Also, as there is a surcharge for people under 26 it would have been pretty expensive for us.

Drama, drama, drama…

The trip began in a somewhat dramatic fashion. One of the group, Katie, accidentally booked herself onto a flight for the day earlier, so had to book herself onto a flight for the next morning! We have no idea how she managed that one, but we (including Katie) did have a laugh about it afterwards!

Such supportive friends we are…

The rest of us then proceeded to almost miss our flight to Nice because we spent too much time eating and drinking in Wetherspoons at the airport…we rushed to the gate with only 10 minutes to spare and the staff told us the gate closed half an hour before so we couldn’t board our flight! We were absolutely kicking ourselves for being so unbelievably stupid.

The universe was on our side though, as another Easyjet staff member came along and said that it would be more time-consuming and difficult to search the plane for our luggage and remove it from the flight, so they should just let us on.

Thank. Goodness.

I think most of the group spent the flight in a state of guilty anxiety!

Beach bums…

We spent a few days at different beaches, getting a tan, reading our books, swimming in the sea and doing various water sports. We visited Cap D’Ail (which will be featured in a separate post Sunday 6 August), Beaulieu-sur-Mer and the main beach along the Promenade Des Anglais, in Nice. We had a lot of laughs in the sea on a couple of the days as it was pretty rough, so getting in and out of the water was the most ungraceful and difficult experience! I have no idea how Daniel Craig manages it so well…

There were the inevitable embarrassing and/or hilarious moments that, I swear, only WE could have on holiday. These included myself and Katie throwing supermarket food into a stranger’s basket thinking it was ours; Luke walking into a glass door; Alex unknowingly kicking over a homeless person’s bowl of money and sending cents flying down the pavement!

La vida loca…

We also had a few too many one of the nights and ended up at a Cuban night in Nice, doing salsa dancing and being a bit rowdy…we definitely got some unimpressed looks from a few of the locals! Oops. We all had a cracking night of dancing though.

Bon appetit!

We had some delicious meals whilst in France. We mostly cooked for ourselves to save money which was really fun and such a great social thing to do together. There was a barbecue in the Air BnB some used that a couple of times, and even made s’mores for dessert one evening! Best. Things. Ever.

We also went out for a few meals, including one Italian/French restaurant in the centre of Nice, which one of our Uber drivers recommended. He was the biggest babe, chatting to us the whole journey and giving us advice and recommendations as to where to go in Nice.

An evening in Monaco

We spent one evening in Monaco, which was pretty beautiful – especially as we were able to sit by the waterfront and watch the yachts as the sun set in the background. We had some drinks and went to the Casino and lost some money!

A little tip though – Uber doesn’t run in Monaco so make sure you know how you’re getting home afterwards! We very nearly got stuck there all night…another travel blunder on our parts…

I am now so sad to leave the south of France! The weather was genuinely beautiful every single day of our trip and we even had a bit of a cool breeze on some days which was lovely. I want to come back again and spend more time eating out and having a few drinks in the bars. It is pretty expensive so we didn’t want to do that too much on this trip, but I’ll definitely plan to come back and explore more of the town.

Carrie x

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