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Mani Monday // Watermelon

It’s been SO long since I took some time to do my nails, let alone actually doing a Mani Monday post on my blog, so I thought I would have a go at the increasingly popular watermelon nail trend! I was actually super happy with how they turned out, even though the right hand proved to be more difficult, as always.

Here’s a cheeky how-to tutorial that shows how I achieved this look. I used Barry M throughout, but this is not a sponsored post!

Make sure you start by using a clear base coat on your nails.

Once your base coat is dry, choose which nail you want to do the water melon on – I usually go for the ring finger. Paint a stripe of green nail varnish in a sort of semi circle shape on one side of the nail. For this I used Barry M number 137 (it doesn’t have a name on the bottle.) You could use any green colour.

You’ll want to do two or three coats to make sure the colour is really bright and vibrant.

Once that has dried, fill in the rest of the nail in a pink nail varnish. I used Barry M ‘Grapefruit’, but any pink or even a pinky red would work really well. Again, do a few coats to make sure the colour is super even and bright.

Once both colours have dried well, take a white nail pen to draw a line between the green and the pink colours. You could use a white nail varnish with a thin brush or one of those nail dotting tools, but I find nail pens much easier to use for things like this.

If you’re a bit shaky and aren’t confident to paint a line, I find doing little dots close together works quite well and you can go over them to make sure they’re all joined up in a line. It takes longer but it’s a good way to practise and improve your technique.

For the watermelon seeds you can use a black nail pen, or black nail varnish with a dotting tool. I just did four little seeds equally spaced apart, on the pink side, just under the white line. You can do as many as you like though – polka dots would look really cute as well!

Then you can paint the rest of your nails in the pink and green nail varnishes and make sure you finish with a top coat once they’re all dry. I usually do two coats of the clear top coat to make sure everything is sealed in, to avoid chipping.

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this how-to nail post! If you have a go at your own watermelon nails and put any photos on Instagram or Twitter, please tag me in them as I’d love love love to see what you create!

Also let me know in the comments if you would like me to do more Mani Monday posts and if you have any specific nail art requests!

Carrie x


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