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What is a soulmate?


“I like the word ‘soul’. I like the word ‘mate’. Other than that, you got me.”
– Mr Big, Sex and the City


People usually think of a romantic partner when they think of a soulmate. Someone to share experiences with, laugh with, cry with and spend their life with. Although I agree, when I think of soulmates I can’t help but think of my best friends, first and foremost.

For most of my life my closest girl friends have gotten me through more ups and downs than I can even remember. Through boyfriend troubles, problems at home, struggles with anxiety and work stress, these women have held my hand, wiped tears from my eyes, given me words of encouragement and made me laugh.

They’ve also been there through so many great times – birthdays, graduation, new jobs, spa days, pub lunches, drunken nights, hungover mornings, holidays, and so much more. What an amazing mix of memories we share together.

Sex and the City is one of my favourite shows of all time. Although a lot of what the show is about is men, relationships and sex, the back bone that runs continuously through every episode is the fundamental importance of friendship, which is what I love most about it. Through all the good times and all the bad, the girls are there for each other throughout it all.

If that isn’t the definition of a soulmate, then what is?

As much as I am the type of person who wants to eventually settle down with one person, get married and have a family, I never want to sacrifice my friendships for that. Yes your life partner should (in my eyes) be your best friend who you confide in and share your world with, however I also learn and grow so much from my time spent with my girl friends. There are certain issues, worries and problems that sometimes only fellow women understand and can ease your mind about. I can’t help but also think that sharing all the good and bad with only one person is not only like putting all your eggs in one basket, but also puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on that person. However, I am very aware that I am incredibly lucky to have several wonderful women in my life who not only put up with me (!) but are there for me no matter what.

To all my besties – you know who you are – thank you for all you do for me – you are my soulmates for life!


“Maybe we could be each other’s soul mates? And then we could let men be just these great nice guys to have fun with.”

“Well. That sounds like a plan.”




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