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OOTD and a day at the fair

There is a wonderful working museum in Singleton near Chichester, West Sussex, called Weald and Downland. I spent the majority of my childhood weekends begging my parents to take me again and again as I loved it so much. They have old-fashioned houses from the Victorian era that are set up as they would have been back then and I love walking through the little pretend streets and learning about the history.

Recently there was a vintage steam event, where they had different steam engines and loads of fun things to do, including a vintage fairground. I went with my sister, niece and nephew for the day and had such a great time.

I took my niece on the steam carousel, which was a disaster as she found it too loud and immediately demanded to get off! I had a great time nonetheless!

We went on a mini steam train, the kids played on various games such as hook a duck and we looked around, had some lunch and darted in and out of tents as the weather kept flitting from crazy rain showers to blazing hot sunshine!

When we first arrived the heavens just opened and we all sat in the car worried we had all made a huge mistake with our choices of outfits…luckily the sun soon came out and we were absolutely fine. Phew!

Outfit of the day

I wore my favourite off-the-shoulder pink and white stripe top from Primark that I have been wearing a lot this summer. I wore it tucked into a pair of tailored black shorts from Tesco and plain white canvas pumps.

In case you were wondering, yes, I demolished the candy floss that was the size of my head.

If you’re ever near Chichester and are looking for something to do – especially if you’re with kids – definitely give the Weald and Downland open air museum a visit. It’s such a lovely day out and they often have little festivals and interesting, fun events on.

Carrie x

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