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Ten reasons to ‘fall’ in love with autumn

Autumn is definitely my favourite time of year. It always feels like a fresh start, a bit like a new year. I think this probably comes from all the years going to school and going back in September. New stationery, pencil case, fresh uniform – I loved it!

Now I’m no longer in education, September and autumn don’t mean a new school year, however, that feeling of a new beginning and the possibility of exciting new changes still remains and probably always will.

Here are my ten reasons why I think everybody should ‘fall’ in love with autumn!

1. The colours

When the leaves turn those gorgeous reds and oranges, everywhere is literally transformed. The trees look so beautiful and the streets start to get covered in the leaves as they fall.

2. Cosy nights in

Bubble baths, movie nights, hot chocolate, pyjamas, blankets, popcorn, face packs. I LOVE IT. In the summer I often feel like I should be making the most of the light nights and going out, but in the autumn when it’s getting a bit darker, you can stay in guilt-free and keep warm under blankets, or with open fires if you’re lucky enough to have a proper fireplace.

3. Pumpkins

I love pumpkins. There are so many different kinds, and there is an annual pumpkin fair near where I live which is always super cute and has a pumpkin display in different designs every year. I love carving different designs and using the leftovers to bake a pie or something.

4. Delicious food

Great foods are in season, such as butternut squash, pumpkin, blackberries, sprouts and rhubarb. I love all the typical comfort food as the weather begins to turn a little chillier. Soups, roasted vegetables, crumbles, casseroles: YUM.

5. My birthday

Okay, so no one else cares about this, but I couldn’t not include it! My birthday is in October, and I LOVE birthdays, even if they aren’t my own. Indulging in all your favourite foods, kind gifts from friends and family, doing something fun to celebrate – I always have such a good time! I always make sure to take the day off work – even if no one else is around to hang out with, I can have a pamper day, read a book, treat myself to a nice breakfast etc. I often book something fun to do at the weekend with my friends, such as Go Ape, comedy club, dinner, and for this year – the Escape Rooms in Brighton which I’ve never done before!

6. Halloween

I love all the crazy decorations, horror movies, parties and costumes that come along with Halloween. My favourite horrors are some of the old classics, like Carrie, Friday 13th and Halloween. But also Scream, Amityville Horror and House of Wax are great fun to watch, even though I’ve probably seen them a thousand times!

7. Bonfire Night

Guy Fawkes Night or Firework Night, whatever you like to call it. I used to love going to my local firework display, wrapped up in a scarf and gloves, eating toffee apples and going on fair ground rides. We also used to have fireworks in our back garden when I was a child and we would always have sparklers (my favourite part!) This year I want to try some fun things with my camera and try and capture the sparkler movements.

8. The clothes

Does anyone else absolutely love autumn fashion? It’s my favourite time of year for clothes shopping. The beautiful scarves start coming in, lots of beautiful layering items like cardigans and light jumpers, stunning jackets and ankle boots. I love it!

9. The makeup

All the darker colours start coming out this time of year. Purples, deep reds, browns. You’ll definitely notice my lip colours getting darker, along with my blushers and also my nail colours.

10. Photography

I love getting my DSLR camera out this time of year. When the trees are looking so amazing there are so many opportunities for stunning photographs. I’ve never travelled in autumn before, but I’m going to Paris at the end of September, for a long weekend, so I’m hoping to get some beautiful shots that I can share with you all on my blog!

What are some of your favourite things about autumn/fall?

Carrie x

9 thoughts on “Ten reasons to ‘fall’ in love with autumn

  1. I actually agree with all 10 of these, especially number 5 because my birthday is in October too!! I love bonfire night, and I enjoy being cold because I know I can layer up with all of the knitwear (:

  2. Love Autumn, windswept walks along the beach or gathering interesting leaves in the woods with the children all wrapped up in their woolly scarves and wellies. Then home to tea and toasted tea cakes and an afternoon film: magic! Lovely blog Carrie xx

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