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F R I E N D S F E S T 2017

I recently spent an incredible day in London at Friends Fest (yep, it’s a thing!). No joke, this was possibly the greatest day of my life! I went with my fellow Friends-obsessed best friend, Harley. We had bought tickets the moment they went on sale, months and months ago, and spent the last few weeks leading up to the event in a state of excitement, wondering what it would be like.


We were completely in our element all day, laughing until our tummies and jaws were literally aching. We genuinely had the greatest day ever! The event was in Clissold Park in Hackney, London. They give you a tour of the apartment sets, where you can look around and take photos, there’s a stage where they show the best clips from Friends episodes and also someone comes and plays Phoebe’s songs on a guitar! There were other things such as food and drink stalls that were appropriately named (The Chick and Duck bar.) Central Perk was there of course, with the iconic orange sofa and an opportunity to play on Phoebe’s guitar!

There was a display of props and costumes that were actually used in the making of Friends, which was so cool. They had all sorts from Ross’ Science Boy comic to the Gellar cup!

I was surprised to see that it wasn’t all that busy. This was actually quite nice as we could sit down, have a glass of prosecco and watch Friends clips, and browse the stalls and things to our hearts content.

One of my favourite parts was being able to take photos on the sofa in front of the fountain backdrop with the umbrellas! The staff member taking photos kindly let us do a boomerang as well which was AWESOME. I do love a boomerang.

The tour was only half an hour and could definitely have lasted longer. There was a real feeling of being rushed out after taking as many photos as possible in the time allotted! It would have been nice to have more time to look at all the different areas of each apartment properly. One of the funniest things we discovered was the copy of The Shining in Joey and Chandler’s freezer! Made my whole day and we were still laughing at the photo on the train journey home that evening!

I would definitely recommend a visit – it seems to be an annual thing (not just in London either), so I might even go again next year and see what other things they have in store!

Carrie x

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