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A weekend in Paris // part une

Last week I went to Paris for a long weekend with a group of girls I know from work. We booked to run the Disneyland Paris 10k for my friend Kerry’s 30th birthday which we couldn’t have been more excited for!

We stayed in one of the Disney partner hotels, called Dream Castle which had appropriately themed decor. This was really nice and had such comfy beds! They also have a free shuttle service to and from the parks.

It was a bit of a mission getting to and from the airport and also into Paris city – the trains were a nightmare to understand and pretty expensive, and so we ended up either using a cab or Uber which was a fair amount of money to spend on transport, but at least it meant we had an easy way of getting places. Once you’re in Paris you can use the Metro which is simple to use and pretty cheap.

We managed to spend a day in the centre of Paris which was amazing and we really lucked out with the weather – beautiful blue sky all day. Although, is anyone else struggling with choosing their clothes for the day at the moment? I dress for the chilly mornings, start having hot flushes by lunch time and then late afternoon it’s often pouring down with rain! I swear you need about three outfits a day in autumn…

Anyway, as a present and surprise for Kerry, we bought tickets to go up the Eiffel Tower and skip the queue, have a tour and go on a cruise along the River Seine. This was so fun and I actually learnt a lot.

For example, did you know that the Eiffel Tower was originally supposed to be built in Barcelona? Or that it gets painted a different colour every 7 years? Also, the Parisians apparently hated the structure and it was originally agreed to be dismantled after 20 years, however it was used during both World Wars as a wireless telegraph transmitter and was therefore kept after that.

The cruise along the river was lovely as well. We went at an ideal time because the sun was setting so it was just stunning seeing all the sights as the sky turned pink.

Afterwards we went and had some dinner at a restaurant and bar (the name of which I actually can’t remember). This wasn’t the greatest eating experience – firstly, because it was a typically French restaurant, all they had to offer was meat, some fish and a cheese platter, so no vegetarian option. With limited French speaking-skills I managed to order a cheese toastie without the ham. Two of the girls ordered “typical French sausage” which turned out to be some sort of offal which looked and apparently tasted vile! The other dishes were better but still pretty average, especially for the prices. It gave us a good laugh though and filled us up at least, as we were absolutely starving by that point!

We stayed here for a lot of wine which definitely perked us up a bit, ended up having a few too many and danced until the small hours of the night, at which point we realised that we had a 10k to run at 7am and made our way back to our hotel! Not the best idea but a lot of fun nonetheless!

Stay tuned for part deux – a day in Disneyland Paris and our 10k run!

Carrie x

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