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A weekend in Paris // part deux

On our second day in Paris we were running the Disneyland Paris 10k and spending the rest of the day in the park. The day got off to a bit of a wobbly start…after making the tragic mistake of drinking a lot of wine the night before and getting into bed at around 1am, the majority of us awoke the next morning feeling rather worse for wear. Nevertheless, we dragged ourselves out of bed and prepared to start the 10k at 7am as planned.

We didn’t actually anticipate how we would get there, so, with minutes to spare, we ordered a taxi and ran the rest of the way to the start line! We needn’t have worried: with the huge number of participants, there was a massive wait to get across the start line. So we nursed our hangovers with water and took selfies to distract ourselves.

Once over the start line, all memories of wine and hangovers disappeared. I can say, without a doubt, that the Disneyland Paris 10k is the most fun event I have ever taken part in. There was constant encouragement from staff members throughout the entire course, so many people dressed up, characters to meet and take photos of along the way and, of course, the whole park to enjoy and look at as we ran the route. Minnie and Mickey greeted us at the finish line, appropriately dressed in workout clothing!

The medal at the end was incredibly impressive! It was almost as big as my head and weighed nearly as much, too. We were also given free t-shirts before the race – however, I warn you, the ladies fit sizes are pretty small, and it’s not the nicest of fabric. All runners were also given a goodie bag which had various snacks in it and a bottle of water.

Once we finished the race, we went back to the hotel and freshened up. This was possibly the best shower and hair wash of my life – luckily the last remains of my hangover seemed to go down the drain!

We then proceeded to go back to the park and spend the day feeling like children! This was lovely, although the queues were absolutely ridiculous (Saturday mixed with race weekend, no doubt), so we only managed to get on a few rides.

We had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe which looked absolutely amazing. Despite a brilliantly varied menu, the food was very average and expensive. The price was to be expected as everything gets bumped up in Disneyland.

Despite being absolutely exhausted, we stayed to watch the fireworks, before making a mad dash to the exit to try and beat the rush to the shuttles! In true Sod’s Law fashion, our shuttle broke down mid-way to our hotel, but luckily they sent another to pick us up pretty quickly.

That night I had the greatest sleep of my life, in one of the comfiest beds, I might add. The next day we made our way to the airport and caught our flight back to London, and sang Disney songs in the car all the way home! As soon as I arrived home I wanted to book another trip to Disney again…I swear, it never stops being magical, no matter what age you are.

I’ve not really done a quick city break like this before, but it has definitely inspired me to book more short, European breaks. Where should I visit next? Leave a comment with your favourite European city!

Carrie x

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