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Happy birthday to me! I am now twenty six and I am so excited about it.

I’m officially past the quarter of a century mark (and I think I am now in, technically, my “late” twenties? Errr I don’t like the sound of that one!)

To kick-start my year of twenty six, I thought I would compile a list (just call me Rory Gilmore) of twenty six things that sum me up. Whether it be facts about me, wishes for the future or something I value about myself. People are often so quick to put themselves down, dodge compliments and play down achievements, but I think it’s sometimes good to look at yourself and be able to say, damnnn girl you’re good.

My list of twenty six

  1. One of my biggest goals in life is to publish a novel.
  2. I think that Dumbledore was so right: one can really never have enough socks.
  3. Having plans every night of the week can trigger my anxiety.
  4. I absolutely love being a vegetarian and I consider it one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
  5. I sometimes think about becoming a vegan but I’m not ready to give up cheese.
  6. My top 5 travel destinations on my to-do list are: New Zealand, India, Germany, South Africa and Vietnam.
  7. I am so excited to become a mum one day.
  8. I have never broken a bone. * touches wood *
  9. I have achieved seven of my life goals so far. I’ve got several more to tick off yet!
  10. I really believe that you have to learn to love yourself before you can fully accept love from others.
  11. I think that if you think something positive about someone you should say it to them. People are so quick to criticise themselves, so I like to remind them about the good stuff, too.
  12. One life lesson I’ve learned is that smiling spreads joy.
  13. My next life plan is to move to Brighton and meet new people, and I’m SO excited.
  14. I’m a high-functioning anxiety sufferer. Instead of shying away from things I throw myself into everything possible which can mean I run out of steam and become overwhelmed.
  15. Blogging was the first outlet I had for my problems with anxiety and stress. It allowed me to be able to talk freely about it, realise that it’s completely okay and no one is going to judge me. It was one of the most important turning points in my life.
  16. I wish I was confident enough to create more YouTube content. It’s on my list of things to accomplish as I have always been obsessed with filming and editing videos.
  17. I am so interested in learning all about space, but the idea of going into space is my worst nightmare.
  18. I honestly don’t think I’d ever get tired of visiting New York City. It is one of my favourite places in the world.
  19. My best friends are a huge part of me. I don’t know what I would do without them.
  20. I’m not a big tv watcher. If I have the tv on I tend to watch the same tv shows again and again. These usually include Friends, Gilmore Girls, Sex and the City, Scrubs or Gavin and Stacey.
  21. My taste in films is incredibly eclectic. My favourites are The Godfather, Bridesmaids, Dirty Dancing, Titanic and The Shawshank Redemption!
  22. The same can be said for my music taste, too. Anything from Led Zeppelin, to the Fugies, to the Prodigy, to Fleetwood Mac.
  23. I hope that in the future I can write for a living.
  24. I love change and find the idea of long-term commitment unnerving. This being said, I am still a very committed person and like to see things through until the end.
  25. Italy is one of my favourite places to visit because it means I can drink prosecco all day every day!
  26. I love birthdays. Today I woke up with a big old grin on my face like I have done every single year on the 13th day of October for as long as I can remember. Cake for breakfast, balloons all around me, Stevie Wonder playing in the background…what more could I ask for?!

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Here’s to another fabulous year!

Carrie x

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