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Festive Q&A

Q: Festive jumpers… yes or no? A: Yes yes yes! Always on Boxing Day and at a lot of the jobs I’ve worked at we’ve had a Christmas jumper day. Q: Favourite Christmas song? A: Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens, or Fairytale of New York by The Pogues …ohhhh but I also love Driving Home… Read More Festive Q&A

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The Top 5 Tag

Today I’m partaking in ‘The Top 5 Tag’ –  a post in which there are a list of topics that I have to give my top five answers to. I was tagged by the lovely Faye at (@fayjessicaFN on Twitter) to do this post so thank you Faye for the tag! 5 Favourite Things… Read More The Top 5 Tag

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Star signs – does anyone actually read into them seriously? As a Libra I am a supposedly balanced individual, keen to keep the peace and make people happy. To be fair, this is quite accurate. However the reality is that keeping the peace and making other people happy often makes looking out for yourself a… Read More Equilibrium

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What is a soulmate?   “I like the word ‘soul’. I like the word ‘mate’. Other than that, you got me.” – Mr Big, Sex and the City   People usually think of a romantic partner when they think of a soulmate. Someone to share experiences with, laugh with, cry with and spend their life… Read More Soulmates